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Welcome to my new Gatsby site.

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How to boostrap a React web app

11 October, 2018

The trick is simple, you just have a line of code to go. npx create-react-app react-demo Hint: No worry of the npx if you have npm 5.…

Start to build a PWA (Progressive Web App)

10 October, 2018

Although Gatsbyjs comes with the ability of PWA (Pregressive Web App), it is worth noting how it is being done. (If you just want to…

Working with Markdown Images in Gatsby

10 October, 2018

You need to first install some image plugins as option for gatsby plugin gatsby-transformer-remark . gatsby-plugin-sharp : use the Sharp…

Using GraphQL in React/Gatsby

09 October, 2018

There are various data sources in Gatsby site like API, local files and CMSs. Now take local file source as an example, install plugin by…

Setup of The Log Blog

07 October, 2018

Prerequisites Editor: Visual Studio Code React/Gatsby: Git: Steps Use…