The Log Blog

Setup of The Log Blog

07 October, 2018



  1. Use Gatsby to create basic project structure by starter template

    gatsby new the-log-blog : sample output

    Sample output of cmd: gatsby new

  2. cd the-log-blog

    gatsby develop : sample output

    Sample output of cmd: gatsby develop

  3. Open up another cmd and cd to the project folder to start up the Visual Studio Code.

    code .

  4. Edit the site title from gatsby-config.js at the root directory.

    Edit site title in gatsby-config.js

  5. While you are editing the files, the previous cmd will show outputs as below, which indicates a watch is standing by to compile for every changes you made.

    Sample output of Gatsby watch

  6. And now access http://localhost:8000/, a dry simple site is now running.

    Sample output of Gatsby watch

  7. And a web IDE of developing GraphQL named GraphiQL can be accessed from: http://localhost:8000/___graphql

  8. In case you want to publish it, use gatsby build to have a production build.

Use Git with VS Code

Here it is assumed that you have created a repository in Github.

  1. From VS Code, press Ctrl + J to bring up Terminal panel

    git remote add origin path-to-your-git-repo

  2. // command to git commit

  3. // command to git push